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Wednesday, February 8th, 2023


US & World

Death Toll in Turkey, Syria Earthquake Surpasses 8,000 and Still Climbing, Rescuers Continue to Race to Find Survivors

The death toll raises to nearly 8,000 people in Turkey and 2,000 people in Syria. Rescuers continue to race as every moment becomes more precious to find survivors. Nearly 6,000 buildings were destroyed. 

Massachusetts Mother Who Murdered Her 3 Children and Attempted Suicide Appeared in Court, Virtually from Hospital Bed 

Prosecutors are trying to prove that Lindsey Clancy was aware of what she was trying to do when she strangled her 3 children to death. Clancy told her husband, Patrick Clancy, she "heard a voice and had a moment of psychosis". Patrick found his wife with cuts on her wrist and neck as she jumped from the second floor window into their backyard to try and commit suicide after strangling her children in the basement. Until the tragedy in the afternoon, it had been a normal day where Lindsey had built a snowman with the kids in the backyard. 

President Biden Gives State of the Union Speech

  • Biden addressed the Chinese spy balloons - "Make no mistake: As we made clear last week, if China threatens our sovereignty, we will act to protect our country..."

  • Biden addressed the stalemate to between Democrats and Republicans to raise the debt ceiling so the country does not default. Biden wants to raise the debt ceiling, while Republicans do not. Biden said, "Some Republicans want Medicare and Social Security to sunset." This comment was met by boos from Republicans and some calling him a liar.

  • Biden hailed the end of Covid-19

  • Biden addressed the continuing support of Ukraine, which has been costly, but did not address how the spending will be sustained

  • Tyre Nichols mother and stepfather sat with Jill Biden as President Biden addressed police reform

  • For more, please search for the video or another viable source



21 UCONN 87 19-6
10 MARQ 72 19-6

BUT 68 12-13
SJU 66 14-11

UVA 63 18-4
22 NCST 50 19-6

OKC 133 26-28
LAL 130 25-30

MEM 104 33-21
CHI 89 26-28

PIT 2 25-16-9
COL 1 27-19-4

18 IND 66 17-7
24 RUTG 60 16-8

12 KSU 82 19-5
17 TCU 61 17-7

NEV 77 19-6
UNM 76 19-5

DEN 146 38-17
MIN 112 29-28

PHX 116 30-26
BKN 112 32-22

NYI 4 27-22-5
SEA 0 29-16-5



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