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Monday, January 30th, 2023


US & World

Over 30 Killed in Suicide Bombing in Pakistan Mosque, 147 Left Injured - Attack Targeted at Police

The blast took place early Monday morning and the casualties mostly consisted of police officers. Pakistan officials are labeling it as a suicide attack and an attack targeted at police. While the Islamic State militants are active in the area, no one has taken credit for the bombing yet.

Former Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, claims that Putin Threatened Him with a Missile Strike

In a recent documentary, Johnson discussed a phone call he had with Putin in February 2022, leading up to the Ukraine invasion. According to Johnson, "He [Putin] threatened me at one point, and he said, 'Boris, I don't want to hurt you but, with a missile, it would only take a minute' or something like that..." Russia denies this claim. Johnson stepped down from Prime Minister in September 2022.

Police Warning: Oregon Man, Benjamin Obadiah Foster, Who Tortured Woman, is Using Dating Apps On the Run

Police are searching around the clock for 36-year-old Oregon man, Benjamin Obadiah Foster, who has been connected to a woman found unconscious, bound, and near death. She is currently in critical condition. They say he is actively using online dating applications to to seek help in evading police or looking for more possible victims. If you see this man, contact police immediately.

Benjamin Obadiah Foster.webp


Super Bowl 57 will be a battle between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Kansas City Chiefs

San Francisco 49er's QB, Brock Purdy, goes out early in the first quarter after a hit on his elbow, leaving Josh Johnson to fill his shoes. In the third quarter, Josh Johnson suffered a concussion. Purdy came back in, but the banged up QB roster was not able to get anything going to stop the Eagles from Advancing to the Super Bowl.


The Cincinnati Bengals and Kansas City Chiefs battled it out until the end, but KC came out on top by a field goal when time expired. Many fans and spectators are blaming the AFC Championship outcome on the referees, saying the game may have gone into OT. But a string of bad calls, especially in the fourth quarter, sealed the Bengal's demise.

NFC Conference Championship

PHI - 31 13-4
SF - 7 14-3

PROV 70 17-5
VILL 65 10-11

PUR 77 21-1
MSU 61 14-8

AFC Conference Championship
KC - 23 12-4
CIN - 20 14-3

PSU 83 14-7
MICH 61 11-10

SJU 75 14-8
GTWN 73 6-16

IOWA 93 13-8
RUTG 82 14-7

CLE 122 31-21
LAC 99 28-25

CAR 4 32-9-8
BOS 1 38-7-5

MIL 135 33-17
NOP 110 26-25

TOR 5 31-12-8
WSH 1 22-20-6



Nothing worth noting today.

Sorry, we don't care what the Kardashians had for breakfast. Please check back tomorrow if there are real entertainment updates.

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