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Saturday, January 28th, 2023


US & World

City of Memphis Releases Footage of the Arrest, Beating, and Killing of Black man Tyre Nichols from 5 Black Police Officers 

The City of Memphis released the videos to the public of the arrest, beating and killing of a 29-year-old black man, Tyre Nichols from 5 police officers. The 5 officers were also black. The officers have been arrested and charged with second-degree murder. Protests are being held across the US. The video was uploaded to the city's Vimeo account here. Please be warned that this content is extremely graphic. 

Police Body Cam Footage Released, Showing the Violent Attack on Paul Pelosi

Courts released the police body came footage showing David DePape brutally strike Paul Pelosi in the head with a hammer. His wife, Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi, was not at the residence during the time of the attack. Footage of the break-in with the hammer was also released. DePape has pleaded not guilty and cites his act of violence as a 'fight against tyranny'. No political connections to the attack have been proven, but many conspiracy theories continue to swirl. The video footage can be seen here, and HeaderNews is not affiliated with this YouTube Channel.

Please be warned that this content is extremely graphic. 

13-year-old Palestinian Gunman Kills 7 Israelis in Jerusalem Synagogue Shooting

Friday night, a 13-year-old Palestinian gunman targeted an Israeli synagogue, shooting and killing 7 Israeli people. Tensions have been especially high since the Israeli raid on the West Bank on Thursday killing 9 Palestinian people. Both attacks have resulted in some of the most casualties in 2 decades.

Ronna McDaniel Defeats Harmeet Dhillon to Keep Her Spot as the RNC Chair

Ronna McDaniel won her bid on Friday to lead the Republican National Committee for 2 more years - her 4th term. McDaniel defeat Harmeet Dhillon 111 to 51 votes. She is the longest serving RNC chair since the Civil War, which also makes her the longest serving woman.



UCSB 65 17-3
HAW 64 15-6

MIN 111 26-25
MEM 100 31-18

MIA 110 28-22
ORL 105 19-30

25 UNM 81 19-3
AFA 73 12-10

OKC 112 24-25
CLE 100 30-21

GSW 129 25-24
TOR 117 22-28

OTT 6 22-23-3
TOR 2 30-12-8

NYR 4 24-14-8
VGK 1 29-18-3

NJ 3 32-13-4
DAL 2 28-13-10

CGY 5 24-17-9
SEA 2 28-15-5



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